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Makeup remover - Nudiies™

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Remove your makeup with 0 worries

A quick make-up removal in 2 minutes, without chemicals and thanks only to the power of water.

The novelty that makes you feel good

Follow the trend and choose 100% natural cotton reusable makeup remover pads.

No more contamination with disposable makeup removal pads that are not entirely effective. Our absorbent cotton products remove all types of makeup simply with water, rubbing lightly.

You can use your Nudiies™ disc up to 800 times and thus save hundreds of dollars a year with this simple and innovative solution.

For All Types of Looks

Each of our make-up removal discs is versatile and adapts to all skin types and makeup.
However, depending on the amount of makeup on your face, some models will be more suitable than others.

Make the choice that suits you best, or take advantage of our special offer of Buy 2 packs Get 1 Free to purchase each type of makeup removal disc Nudiies™ for only $29,90 with this Discount Code: Fall21

No hard scrubbing needed!

There is no need to scrub too hard as you may have done in the past with conventional makeup remover pads. Today, just rub the skin lightly with water and watch the makeup disappear completely.

Our planet says thank you!

Feel good physically with an effective product, and feel good mentally by doing the right thing by trusting in a product that protects our planet. 🌍